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NFL to Kneel or Not to Kneel

Over the weekend many football fans witnessed civil protest as many NFL players knelt or were not present during the singing of our National Anthem. The First Amendment to the Constitution states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or […]

Windsor Attorney discusses Pot Smoking Renters

Can my renter smoke pot in Colorado? The simple question has a complicated answer, maybe.  Most all leases will be silent as to this question. The nearest provision may be a clause prohibiting smoking in the premises. While smoking pot may be argued under a smoking clause, pot can be consumed in a variety of […]

Fort Collins Attorney Discusses Cell Phones At Work

Can My Employer Stop Me From Using My Cell Phone At Work? The short answer is yes.  You are being paid to devote your time and efforts to your employer during your work day.  Doing anything else during your work day like talking on your personal cell phone or texting not only reduces productivity your […]

How Long Does an Eviction Take in Colorado?

If you are the property owner it seems like forever.  If you are the tenant it is not long enough.  The short answer is that it can take up to a month before the landlord has actual possession of the property if the tenant refuses to leave.  The procedures and deadlines that must be followed […]

Fort Collins Attorney wonders if you ever feel like this…

 This poor fellow appears to have been waiting a long, long time.  At Black Suit Law we understand how difficult it can be to endure the pendency of your legal case.  There are many things that affect how quickly a case is resolved – things like the cooperation of the other party, the desire to […]

Windsor Attorney Discusses Common Business Mistakes

Ideally, we would like to live by one of the golden rules, “do unto others as you wish to be done unto you”; however, in the context of business lease agreements for office space, following this golden rule is a naïve approach which can lead to devastating consequences not only for your business but also […]

Windsor, Colorado and the Oil and Gas Business

Homeowners all over Windsor are receiving oil and gas leases in the mail with a cover letter requesting they sign and return.  The lease offers some sort of payment for allowing the oil and gas company to directionally drill under the homeowners property.  It is possible that homeowners will receive more than one lease offer and will […]

Law Firm Offers Will Preparation Discount!

Do you have a Will?  Has your personal life changed since you last did a Will – maybe you had another child, or got divorced or remarried?  Black Suit Law is offering a special on Will preparation for the month of July.  Simple Will preparation includes the initial consultation, questionnaire, drafting, revising and signing of […]

Windsor Attorney Discusses New Marijuana Laws

Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 in the last election – making personal use and regulation of marijuana legal in the state for individuals over the age of 21.  Now that the Amendment has been signed into law the state has been actively working on House Bills to regulate and manage the marijuana industry. House Bill 1317 and […]

Fort Collins Attorney states Colorado Companies Beware

Companies should be on the lookout for mail they receive which may appear very “offical” looking from the state informing the company of an annual minute reporting requirement and offering to prepare the documents for a fee of $125.00. This solicitation is causing confusion and contains inaccurate information.  In Colorado, annual meeting minutes should be […]

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